Sustainable – Attainable

Financial literacy, capability, inclusion, savvyness – it’s all the same thing, sustainability.

What’s the point of an education system that ends with young adults who can read, write, add up and have valued skills but end up losing their house because they can’t budget? The burden switches back on the state and society. With our debts both public and personal, such a system is inherently unsustainable.

The same goes for enterprise, if we don’t innovate and support creators of wealth, we suffer, we wind down, we fade away as a place to do business and solve problems.

Volans and advertising agency JWT have named MyBnk as one of 50 Stars in ‘Seriously Long-term Innovation’ in their The Future Quotient report.

The report aims to explore innovation that is designed by people in business and governments that have the capacity to create value in the long-term. Youth-led banking, financial education, enterprise – that sounds like us!

What do they mean by ‘long-term’? A time horizon of beyond 33 years – the defined age of a generation.

Our very own Lily Lapenna is now rubbing shoulders with the likes of Janine Benyus of the Biomimicry Institute, social entrepreneur Vera Cordeiro of Brazil’s Renascer, philanthropist Melinda Gates.

Check Volans Executive Chairman John Elkington’s Guardian piece for a hot knife through butter take on the sustainability game.