We’re in Dublin this week for Change Nation Ireland

Last month Nesta & The Observer called us Radical Imageand now we’re at it again.  MyBnk is joining fifty of the worlds leading social innovators who’ve converged on Dublin. Ireland’s Prime Minister, An Taoiseach Enda Kenny, opened Change Nation on Tuesday and over the course of the three days, Irish entrepreneurs and change-makers from across sectors will work to build demand and strategy for many of these 50 proven solutions to spread across Ireland.

Young people in Ireland are already taking tough decisions on their future, to stay, to go, to do a degree, to start a business – there is a national realisation that renewal and recovery must be built on a long-term sustainable basis. About 76,400 people emigrated from Ireland (or 6,383 per month) last year and youth unemployment is currently around 24%.

We’re geared up to take on the challenge – bringing proven solutions, helping 11-25-year-olds manage their money, understand the consequences of bad financial decisions and start their own business with microfinance and education programmes.

MyBnk CEO Lily Lapenna- Solution #31 at Change Nation

Change Nation is hosted by Ashoka Ireland in partnership with the business and citizen sectors, Government and media. Ashoka is the world’s association of more than 3,000 social entrepreneurs. Up to 500 one-on-one meetings will take place over the three days between social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, business and political leaders, connecting proven solutions with local talent and finance from across sectors. Other key social innovators at Change Nation include:

  • Mary Gordon, Roots of Empathy is reducing aggression by teaching students emotional literacy fostering the development of empathy. With programmes already established in more than 40 schools across Ireland Roots of Empathy will continue to expand in coming years.
  • Rodrigo Baggio, CDI Brazil – who is working to provide a more interactive learning environment, computer equipment and training to disadvantaged youths in South America. Established 14 years ago, CDI has more than 750 community centres in 12 countries and has impacted more than 1million people.

There are loads of other awesome Change Nation Proven Solutions here: http://changenation.org/solutions


About MyBnk Blog
MyBnk are an East London social enterprise which helps 11-25-year-olds in some of the poorest parts of the capital, Cumbria and Stockton-on-Tees manage their money effectively and make enterprising choices throughout their lives. Our programmes develop young people’s financial and enterprise capability through fun and interactive education activities which put young people at their heart – backed up by microfinance. To find out more, and to discover how we've got 38,000 young people clued-up to money in four years, visit us at www.mybnk.org.

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  1. Good Luck with Change Nation

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